Exploring the origins and evolution of crypto in Apex Legends

Crypto is a renowned character in the Apex Legends universe, coming to the game as part of Season 3: Meltdown. This highly skilled hacker has quickly become a fan favorite, and his unique abilities add a new layer of strategy to the gameplay.

So where exactly does Crypto come from? His origin can be traced back to Psamathe, one of the moons of Apex‘s home planet, Talos. Born as Tae Joon Park, he was a brilliant computer programmer until a series of events led him to join the Underground, an organization fighting for justice on Psamathe.

Unfortunately, things took a turn for the worse when Park’s actions inadvertently caused the destruction of the city of Solace. Faced with the consequences of his actions, Park went into hiding and re-emerged as Crypto, masking his identity behind an encrypted mask.

With his newfound skills and technological prowess, Crypto now uses his abilities in the Apex Games to expose the corrupt and bring justice to the world. His surveillance drone and EMP blast provide invaluable support to his teammates, making him an essential asset in the fight for victory.

What is Crypto in Apex Legends?

Crypto is a playable character in the popular battle royale game Apex Legends. He is a surveillance expert and a master hacker, known for his ability to manipulate the electronic world in order to gain an advantage over his enemies.

As his name suggests, Crypto specializes in cryptography and cyber warfare. He carries a drone called “Surveillance Drone” that can be controlled remotely to gather information on enemy movements and positions. This allows him and his squad to plan their strategies accordingly.

His passive ability, called “Neurolink,” provides him and his teammates with the ability to see enemies detected by his drone up to a certain distance. This makes him a valuable asset in reconnaissance missions and ambushes.

In addition to his drone, Crypto has other skills that make him a formidable opponent. His tactical ability, called “Drone EMP,” allows him to detonate an electromagnetic pulse, dealing shield damage and slowing down enemies caught in the blast. This can disrupt enemy defenses and create opportunities for his team to attack.

Crypto’s ultimate ability, called “Neural Network,” is his most powerful tool. He launches his drone into the sky, creating a large perimeter that reveals enemies and traps within its radius. This can be a game-changer in intense firefights and can give his team a significant advantage.

In summary, Crypto is a highly skilled surveillance expert and hacker in Apex Legends, capable of gathering crucial information, disrupting enemy defenses, and providing his team with a tactical advantage. With his unique abilities and playstyle, he is a valued addition to any squad in the Apex Games.

Origin Story of Crypto

Crypto, also known as Tae Joon Park, is a Legend in Apex Legends, an online multiplayer battle royale game. He joined the game as part of the Season 3 update.


Crypto hails from the country of South Korea. He was a skilled hacker, known for his abilities to breach even the most secure systems. However, his life took a dark turn when he was framed by a powerful corporation called Syndicate for a major crime he did not commit.

Forced into hiding, Crypto operated under the radar, using his hacking skills to gather information and evidence to prove his innocence. During this time, he discovered the Apex Games, an arena where Legends battled for fame and fortune.

Joining the Apex Games

Realizing that participating in the Apex Games would provide him with the perfect platform to gather the evidence he needed, Crypto donned his signature outfit and entered the competition under the alias “Crypto”.

With his advanced surveillance drones and hacking skills, Crypto quickly rose to fame within the Apex Games. He was able to uncover the truth about the Syndicate’s dark secrets and the corruption within the organization.

Crypto’s Motivation

Crypto’s primary motivation in joining the Apex Games is to exact revenge on the Syndicate and clear his name. He believes that by exposing the Syndicate’s crimes to the world, he can seek justice and redemption.

Real Name Tae Joon Park
Origin South Korea
Abilities Hacking, Surveillance, EMP Blast

Crypto’s Skills and Abilities

Crypto is a Legend in Apex Legends, a popular battle royale game. He is a skilled hacker and surveillance expert, known for his ability to gather intelligence and disrupt enemy defenses.

Tactical Ability: Surveillance Drone

Crypto can deploy a surveillance drone that he can control remotely. This drone can scout areas and mark enemies, providing valuable information to Crypto and his team. It can also hack doors and extract loot from bins.

Passive Ability: Neurolink

Crypto’s passive ability, Neurolink, allows him and his teammates to see enemies detected by his surveillance drone within a certain range. This gives his team an advantage by providing them with real-time information on enemy positions.

Ultimate Ability: Drone EMP

Crypto’s ultimate ability is the Drone EMP. When activated, his drone emits a powerful electromagnetic pulse that damages shields, slows enemies, and disables traps and defenses in its area of effect. It can be a game-changing ability in team fights or when trying to breach fortified positions.

Crypto’s skills and abilities make him a valuable asset in the Apex Games. His surveillance capabilities and ability to disrupt enemy defenses can turn the tide of battle in his team’s favor. As a hacker and strategist, Crypto brings a unique playstyle to the game, allowing players to gather information and coordinate their attacks more effectively.

Crypto’s Role in the Game

In Apex Legends, Crypto is a playable character who brings a unique set of abilities and skills to the battlefield. He serves as the game’s surveillance expert, using his drone to hack into enemy systems and gather information about their location and movements. With his sharp analytical skills and high-tech equipment, Crypto is a valuable asset for any team.

One of Crypto’s main abilities is his Surveillance Drone, which he can deploy to scout the area and reveal enemy positions. The drone can fly through the air, providing a bird’s-eye view of the battlefield and allowing Crypto to gather valuable intel. This information is crucial for planning strategies and making informed decisions during battles.

Another important aspect of Crypto’s role in the game is his ability to hack into enemy systems and temporarily disable traps and surveillance cameras. This allows him and his teammates to move around undetected and take control of the situation. Crypto’s hacking abilities also extend to the game’s map, as he can activate his drone’s EMP Blast to damage enemy shields and disrupt any electronic devices in the vicinity.

The synergy between Crypto and his teammates

Crypto’s abilities make him an ideal support character, providing valuable information and disrupting enemy defenses. He can work in tandem with other legends to secure advantages and turn the tide of battle. For example, Crypto can use his drone to scout an area while his teammates cover him, ensuring their safety and providing them with crucial information to plan their next move.

Crypto’s skills also complement other legends who excel in close-quarters combat. By disabling traps and surveillance cameras, he can clear the path for legends like Wraith or Octane to engage the enemy without fear of being detected. This synergy between Crypto and his teammates allows for coordinated attacks and strategic gameplay.

Where to find Crypto in Apex Legends

In Apex Legends, Crypto can be unlocked as a playable legend by purchasing him with in-game currency or by obtaining him from Apex Packs, which are earned through gameplay or by purchasing them with real money. Once unlocked, players can select Crypto as their chosen legend and utilize his unique surveillance abilities in the game.

Crypto’s role in Apex Legends adds a new dimension to the gameplay experience, offering players the opportunity to gather crucial information, disrupt enemy defenses, and work as part of a coordinated team. Whether you prefer to gather intel or disable traps, Crypto brings a unique and valuable skillset to the game.

How to Unlock Crypto

Crypto is one of the playable characters in Apex Legends, a popular battle royale game. To unlock Crypto, players need to complete certain in-game tasks and meet specific requirements.

From the Loading Screen

One way players can unlock Crypto is by finding a hidden message on the loading screen. This usually involves deciphering a code or solving a puzzle. Pay close attention to the loading screen while the game is loading to spot any hidden clues that might lead to unlocking Crypto.

From Battle Pass Challenges

Another way to unlock Crypto is by completing specific challenges in the Battle Pass. The Battle Pass is a season-based progression system that rewards players with various cosmetic items and characters. By completing challenges and leveling up in the Battle Pass, players can unlock Crypto and add him to their roster of playable characters.

Whereas some challenges might require you to get a certain number of kills or assists using a specific legend, others may involve winning matches or performing certain tasks in the game. Make sure to check the Battle Pass challenges regularly to see if there are any specific tasks related to unlocking Crypto.

Unlocking Crypto in Apex Legends adds a new dimension to the gameplay experience. With his unique abilities and skills, Crypto offers a different playstyle for those who enjoy playing as a support or reconnaissance character. So, keep exploring the game and completing challenges to unlock Crypto and take advantage of his abilities in the game. Good luck!

Gameplay Strategies with Crypto

Apex Legends players who choose to play as Crypto have a unique advantage in terms of information gathering and tactical gameplay. Understanding how to utilize Crypto’s abilities can greatly enhance a team’s chances of success in the game.

One of Crypto’s key abilities is his drone, which can be deployed and controlled remotely. This allows Crypto to scout out areas ahead of the team, gathering valuable information on enemy locations, traps, and loot. It’s important for Crypto players to use the drone strategically, keeping it hidden and out of enemy sight, while still providing crucial information to the team.

Another important aspect of playing Crypto is utilizing his ultimate ability, the EMP Blast. This ability can disable enemy traps, shields, and even slow down opponents caught in its radius. A well-timed EMP Blast can turn the tide of a battle, giving Crypto’s team the upper hand and creating opportunities for pushing or retreating.

Additionally, Crypto’s passive ability, Neurolink, allows him to see and ping enemy health bars. This information can be shared with teammates, enabling better coordination and targeting of enemies during engagements.

When playing as Crypto, it’s crucial to communicate with your team and coordinate your actions. Use your drone to scout ahead and gather information, share that information with your team, and strategically use your ultimate ability to gain an advantage in fights. Crypto’s abilities make him a valuable asset to any team, but it’s important to practice and master his skills to fully utilize his potential.

In conclusion, Crypto’s unique abilities in Apex Legends make him a valuable asset in terms of information gathering and tactical gameplay. By using his drone strategically, utilizing his EMP Blast ability, and coordinating with teammates, Crypto players can greatly enhance their chances of success in the game.

Crypto’s Impact on the Meta

Since his introduction in Apex Legends, Crypto has had a significant impact on the meta of the game. With his unique abilities and playstyle, players have had to adapt their strategies to effectively counter him and take advantage of his weaknesses.

Revealing Enemy Locations

One of Crypto’s main abilities is his Surveillance Drone, which he can use to gather information on enemy locations. This ability has completely changed the way players approach engagements, as it allows them to gain valuable insight into where enemies are hiding or setting up defenses.

Players now have to be more cautious about their positioning, as Crypto can easily reveal their location to his teammates. This has led to more passive playstyles and a greater focus on defensive strategies, as players try to avoid being caught off guard by Crypto’s surveillance.

Countering Crypto’s EMP

Crypto’s Ultimate ability, the EMP, is another game-changer in the Apex meta. When activated, it deals damage to enemy shields and slows down their movements. This ability is particularly devastating in close-quarter combat situations, as it can quickly turn the tide of a battle in Crypto’s favor.

To counter Crypto’s EMP, players have had to adapt by changing their positioning and avoiding tight spaces where the ability can have the most impact. It has also become more important for teams to spread out and maintain distance from each other while engaging with Crypto, to minimize the effect of his EMP.

In summary, Crypto’s abilities have forced players to adjust their playstyles and strategies in Apex Legends. His ability to reveal enemy locations and disrupt enemy shields with his EMP has had a significant impact on the meta, leading to more cautious and calculated gameplay.

Crypto’s In-game Appearance

In the popular battle royale game Apex Legends, Crypto is a playable character available to players. He made his debut in the game’s third season. Crypto is known for his tech-savvy abilities and his sleek appearance.

Crypto is often seen wearing a white and blue high-tech suit, complete with a helmet and a mask covering his face. The suit is equipped with various gadgets and devices that aid him in gathering information and hacking into systems. This futuristic outfit adds to Crypto’s mysterious and enigmatic persona.

One of the most prominent features of Crypto’s appearance is his robotic companion, named “Hack.” Hack is a small drone that floats next to Crypto and provides him with real-time data and surveillance capabilities. The drone can also be used to scout areas and tag enemies, giving Crypto and his team a tactical advantage in combat.

Crypto’s appearance reflects his background as a skilled hacker and surveillance expert. His outfit and the presence of Hack highlight his expertise in technology and his role as an intelligence gatherer for his team.

Overall, Crypto’s appearance in Apex Legends showcases his unique skills and contributions to the game. Players can enjoy playing as this high-tech character and utilize his abilities to outmaneuver their opponents on the battlefield.

Crypto’s Lore and Backstory

Crypto is one of the playable legends in the popular battle royale game Apex Legends. He is a skilled hacker known for his surveillance and information-gathering abilities.

Although his real name is unknown, Crypto’s origin can be traced back to the Outlands. Born into poverty, he grew up in the slums of Psamathe with his younger sister Mila. The Outlands are a harsh and unforgiving place, where survival is a constant struggle.

Crypto’s life took a tragic turn when his extraordinary hacking skills got him caught up in a criminal syndicate. To protect his sister from harm, he took the blame for their activities, resulting in his arrest and imprisonment.

During his time in prison, Crypto’s feelings of guilt and regret fueled his determination to clear his name and reunite with his sister. He used his technological expertise to create a new identity for himself, adopting the name “Crypto” to hide his true identity and mask his intentions.

After his release, Crypto joined the Apex Games, a popular bloodsport in the Outlands, as a means to gather information and uncover the truth behind his past. While competing in the games, he uses his abilities to hack into the arenas’ surveillance systems, gaining an advantage over his opponents.

Crypto’s Abilities

Crypto’s abilities are centered around surveillance and information warfare. His Tactical Ability is Neurolink, which allows him to detect enemies in a certain range and mark them for his teammates. His Passive Ability, Surveillance Drone, enables him to deploy a drone that can be remotely piloted to gather information and pinpoint enemy locations. His Ultimate Ability is Drone EMP, which empowers his drone to unleash an electromagnetic pulse that damages shields and slows enemies.

Crypto’s Impact on Apex Legends

Crypto has had a significant impact on the lore and gameplay of Apex Legends. His story adds depth and intrigue to the game’s narrative, while his unique abilities provide strategic options for players who prefer a more tactical playstyle. Whether you’re a fan of his character or enjoy playing as him, Crypto’s presence in the Apex Games is sure to continue shaping the world of Apex Legends.

Abilities Description
Neurolink Allows Crypto to detect enemies and mark them for his teammates.
Surveillance Drone Enables Crypto to deploy a drone for surveillance and information gathering.
Drone EMP Empowers Crypto’s drone to unleash an electromagnetic pulse, damaging shields and slowing enemies.

Crypto’s Player Profile

Crypto is a playable character in Apex Legends, a popular battle royale game developed by Respawn Entertainment. He is a skilled hacker and surveillance expert, known for his unique abilities and playstyle.

Origin and Background

Crypto, whose real name is Tae Joon Park, hails from South Korea. He was once a brilliant computer programmer, but his life took a dark turn when his family was wrongfully targeted by a powerful organization. Fueled by a desire for justice, Crypto turned to hacking to gather evidence and expose the truth.

Role in Apex Legends

In Apex Legends, Crypto is classified as a Recon Legend. He is able to deploy a tactical drone named “Surveillance Drone,” which allows him and his squadmates to gather valuable information about the enemies’ whereabouts. This drone can also be used to disable traps and trigger enemy damage. His ultimate ability, “Drone EMP,” releases an electromagnetic pulse that damages shields, slows enemies, and disables traps in a large area.

Crypto’s playstyle revolves around gathering intel, supporting his team, and disrupting the enemies’ plans. With his surveillance abilities, he can scout ahead, provide valuable information, and create advantageous situations for his squadmates.

Crypto’s history and skills make him a fascinating character to play in Apex Legends. If you’re looking for a strategic and tech-savvy legend, Crypto is the one for you.

Crypto’s Voice and Dialogue

Crypto, a Legend in Apex Legends, is known for his mysterious persona and impressive hacking abilities. In the game, his voice can be heard during various interactions and gameplay. His voice actor, Johnny Young, brings life to the character with his calm and calculated delivery.

Crypto’s dialogue reveals intriguing details about his past and motivations. He often references his sister, Mila, whom he believed to be dead until he discovered she was captured by the Syndicate. This personal connection adds depth to his character and serves as a driving force behind his actions.

Throughout the game, Crypto’s voice can be heard during different situations. For example, when he deploys his Surveillance Drone, he exclaims, “Drone’s up!” This catchphrase has become iconic among Apex Legends players and instantly alerts teammates that Crypto is using his abilities.

In addition to combat-related dialogue, Crypto also has lines that provide insight into his personality. When selecting Crypto as a playable character, he might say, “Time to win and stay alive,” emphasizing his strategic mindset and determination to succeed.

The Use of Voice in Apex Legends

Apex Legends is known for its attention to detail, and the voice acting is no exception. Each Legend has a unique voice and set of lines that help establish their role in the game’s lore. Crypto’s voice adds to the immersive experience, making players feel more connected to the character and the Apex Games.

In conclusion, Crypto’s voice and dialogue in Apex Legends not only provide important information about his story but also enhance the overall gameplay experience. The use of voice acting in the game helps bring the characters to life and adds an extra layer of immersion for players.

Crypto’s Cosmetics and Skins

Crypto, one of the playable characters in Apex Legends, has a variety of cosmetics and skins available for customization. These options allow players to personalize their Crypto and stand out from the rest of the competition.

Players can acquire Crypto’s cosmetics and skins through various methods, including in-game events, special promotions, or by purchasing them from the in-game store using the in-game currency.

Crypto’s cosmetics include different outfit variations, weapon skins, finishers, banners, poses, and quips. These cosmetics not only change the appearance of Crypto but also add a touch of personality to his character.

In Apex Legends, players can showcase their unique style by equipping the desired cosmetics and skins. Whether it’s a slick dark-themed outfit for stealthy operations or a vibrant weapon skin to intimidate opponents, Crypto’s cosmetics provide plenty of options to fit different playstyles and preferences.

Wherever Crypto’s journey takes him in the world of Apex Legends, his cosmetics and skins allow him to leave a lasting impression on both his allies and enemies. So, choose your favorite cosmetic items wisely and make Crypto truly your own.

Crypto’s Weapons and Loadouts

Crypto, one of the legends in Apex Legends, comes equipped with a unique set of weapons and loadouts that make him a formidable force on the battlefield.

One of the primary weapons that Crypto uses is the EMP Blast. This tactical ability allows him to unleash a powerful burst of energy that not only damages opponents but also disables their traps and other defensive systems. With this weapon, Crypto can quickly disrupt enemy plans and create opportunities for his team to strike.

In addition to the EMP Blast, Crypto also carries a Surveillance Drone. This drone can be deployed to scout the area, providing valuable information about the positions and movements of enemy squads. The Surveillance Drone allows Crypto to gather intelligence and plan strategic attacks with his team.

As for Crypto’s loadouts, he excels at long-range combat. He is often seen wielding assault rifles such as the R-301 Carbine or the Hemlock Burst AR. These weapons offer excellent accuracy and damage at medium to long distances, allowing Crypto to control the battlefield from a safe distance.

In close-quarter combat, Crypto’s secondary weapon of choice is usually a shotgun like the Peacekeeper or the EVA-8 Auto. Shotguns provide high burst damage at close range, allowing Crypto to quickly eliminate enemies who get too close for comfort.

When it comes to equipment, Crypto is often seen carrying shield cells and syringes to quickly heal himself in battle. Additionally, he may also carry grenades, such as frag grenades or arc stars, to deal damage to multiple enemies at once.

Primary Weapons Secondary Weapons Equipment
EMP Blast Shotguns Shield Cells
Surveillance Drone Syringes

Crypto’s weapons and loadouts complement his abilities as a surveillance specialist, allowing him to gather information, disrupt enemy defenses, and provide support to his team from a safe distance.

Crypto’s Synergy with Other Legends

Crypto, a legend from Apex Legends, brings a unique set of skills and abilities that can greatly enhance the effectiveness of his teammates. By using his drone surveillance and EMP abilities, Crypto can provide valuable information and disrupt the enemy’s defenses, making him a crucial asset in any team composition.

Information Gathering and Coordination

Crypto’s drone surveillance allows him to scout ahead and gather information on enemy locations, which can give his team a significant advantage. By relaying this information to his teammates, Crypto can help them make informed decisions and plan their strategies accordingly. This coordination can prove to be crucial in high-intensity situations, where split-second decisions can make the difference between victory and defeat.

Disruption and Control

One of Crypto’s most powerful abilities is his EMP, which can deal damage to enemies and disable their traps, shields, and weapons. This ability not only deals significant damage but also disrupts the enemy team’s defenses, allowing Crypto’s teammates to push forward without fear of being overwhelmed. This control over the battlefield can turn the tide of a fight and give Crypto’s team a decisive advantage.

Additionally, Crypto’s EMP can be used in combination with other legends’ abilities to create devastating combos. For example, by coordinating with a legend like Bangalore, Crypto can first use his EMP to disable the enemy’s traps and shields, and then Bangalore can use her ultimate ability to unleash a barrage of missiles, causing massive damage and chaos.

In conclusion, Crypto’s skills and abilities make him an excellent addition to any team in Apex Legends. With his information gathering capabilities and disruption abilities, Crypto can greatly enhance his team’s coordination and control over the battlefield. Whether it’s providing valuable intel or unleashing devastating combos with other legends, Crypto’s synergy with his teammates is undeniable.

Crypto’s Weaknesses and Counters

Crypto, one of the legends in Apex Legends, is known for his surveillance abilities and crypto-drone expertise. However, he does have some weaknesses that can be exploited by opponents.

  • Interference from Other Legends: Crypto’s abilities heavily rely on his drone, which leaves him vulnerable when it is destroyed or disabled. Legends like Bangalore with her smoke grenades can easily disrupt his reconnaissance.
  • EMP Vulnerability: Crypto’s ultimate ability, the EMP blast, can be countered by legends like Gibraltar, who can use their dome shield to block the effects of the blast. Legends with fortified passive abilities, like Caustic and Gibraltar, also take reduced damage from the EMP.
  • Movement-based Legends: Legends with high mobility, such as Wraith or Octane, can quickly evade Crypto’s drone surveillance. Their abilities allow them to escape detection and quickly reposition, making it harder for Crypto to gather information on enemy movements.
  • Quiet Playstyle: Crypto’s abilities require him to be stationary while piloting his drone, which can be a disadvantage in fast-paced battles. Enemies can take advantage of his vulnerable position and easily eliminate him while he is focused on drone operations.

While Crypto can provide valuable reconnaissance information to his team, opponents who are aware of his weaknesses can effectively counter his abilities and limit his impact on the battlefield.

Crypto in Competitive Play

In the world of Apex Legends, where every move and decision can make or break a match, Crypto has become an essential asset for competitive play. His unique abilities and strategic potential have made him a popular choice among professional players and teams.

One of the key aspects of Crypto’s usefulness in competitive play is his Surveillance Drone. This drone allows players to gather valuable intelligence by scouting areas, tracking enemy movements, and revealing their positions. It gives teams a significant advantage, as they can plan and execute their strategies based on accurate and real-time information.

Crypto’s ultimate ability, EMP, is another game-changer in competitive play. It can deal massive damage to enemy shields and disrupt their abilities, creating chaos and confusion within the opposing team. This ability is often used to initiate team fights or turn the tide of battle in the favor of Crypto’s team.

Furthermore, Crypto’s passive ability, Neurolink, can be a game-changer in competitive play. It allows Crypto and his teammates to see the health bars of enemies that are detected by his Surveillance Drone, giving them a tactical advantage in engagements. This information can help prioritize targets and make better decisions during intense firefights.

A skilled Crypto player can effectively use his abilities to gather information, provide support to the team, and disrupt enemy plans. However, mastering Crypto’s kit requires excellent map awareness, communication, and coordination with teammates, making him a valuable asset in competitive play.

  • Crypto’s Surveillance Drone provides valuable scouting and tracking abilities.
  • His EMP ultimate ability can disrupt enemy shields and abilities.
  • Neurolink allows Crypto and his team to see enemy health bars.
  • Crypto’s kit requires map awareness and teamwork to be effective in competitive play.


Where can I find crypto in Apex Legends?

Crypto can be found in Apex Legends in the game’s character select screen. You can select him as one of the playable characters in the game.

What is the origin of crypto in Apex Legends?

The origin of crypto in Apex Legends is as a surveillance expert and hacker. He joined the Apex Games in search of the truth behind his family’s disappearance.

How can I unlock crypto in Apex Legends?

You can unlock crypto in Apex Legends by purchasing him using in-game currency or by unlocking him through gameplay progression.

Can crypto use his drone to locate enemies in Apex Legends?

Yes, crypto can use his drone to locate enemies in Apex Legends. His drone provides him with surveillance and reveals the location of enemies in the area.

What are some tips for playing crypto in Apex Legends?

Some tips for playing crypto in Apex Legends are to make use of his drone to scout ahead and gather information, communicate with your teammates about enemy positions, and use his EMP ability to disrupt enemies and give your team an advantage.

What is the location of Crypto in Apex Legends?

Crypto’s location in Apex Legends is in the fictional city of Solace.

Where does Crypto come from in Apex Legends?

Crypto comes from South Korea in Apex Legends.

What is the backstory of Crypto in Apex Legends?

Crypto, whose real name is Tae Joon Park, was a skilled hacker who used his abilities to expose corrupt corporations in Solace. He was eventually framed for a massive hack and decided to join the Apex Games to uncover the truth about his past.