Comparison Chart of AI Companies

AI Technologies are becoming increasingly important in modern industry. Due to the potential to change business processes, industries and even entire markets, many large companies are investing heavily in the development of AI solutions. In order to provide an overview of the most advanced AI companies, CB Insights has compiled a list of AI-focused unicorn companies. This comparison chart provides a detailed view of each of these companies and their offerings, enabling decision makers to understand the competitive landscape and make informed decisions.

Company Comparison Chart

Company Country Year Founded Funding (M) Current Valuation (M)
UiPath USA 2005 1,148 12,200
SenseTime China 2014 2,009 6,000
Megvii China 2011 319 4,500
Therapixel France 2016 222 2,500
BenevolentAI UK 2013 739 2,500
Ada Health Germany 2011 416 2,100
CrowdStrike USA 2011 732 3,800
XtalPi China 2016 305 1,700
Zymergen USA 2013 476 2,000
Precision Biologics USA 2015 212 1,200
Horizon Robotics China 2015 667 2,600


The comparison chart above provides an overview of the most advanced and valued AI companies operating in the market. The comparison chart provides details such as the founding year and total funding raised, allowing decision makers to assess the competitive landscape and make informed decisions. Understanding the value of these companies is important in determining their potential, as well as the potential impact they could have on their respective industries.