Twitter Launches Bitcoin “Tipping” Feature

Twitter will make it possible for creators to monetize in Bitcoin as soon as this week for iOS users

Social media giant Twitter will begin rolling out a Bitcoin tipping service to iOS users this week, the company announced on September 23. Support for Android users will also be available. coming soon.

The new “tipping” feature was first released in beta in May.

This functionality is provided by the Lightning Network, a “layer 2” payment protocol that allows users to create micropayment channels. Twitter has integrated the Strike API to enable Bitcoin tipping.

On top of that, Twitter will also allow users to validate non-fungible tokens, which could provide another boost to the industry’s mainstream adoption as the social media platform has 206 million users. daily activities. This feature will make it possible for users to have a verified NFT avatar. It is unclear when this functionality will be made publicly available.

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey is known to be one of Bitcoin’s most ardent supporters for many years. Dorsey has described the leading cryptocurrency as “the currency of the Internet”.

The billionaire also auctioned off his first tweet as an NFT for $2.9 million in March.