Crypto News Sources that You Should not Mis

Even when you have not entered the financial market, you must have accidentally skimmed through some news about finance, securities, crypto market, bitcoin every day

To become an investor in this market. In the field of electronic money, updating news as quickly as possible is a necessity.

Below, we will provide you with the most accurate news sources so that you can refer and make the right decision for your investment.


First of all, reading the daily news will help you keep abreast of market fluctuations continuously. And based on these news, you can somewhat analyze how the market is moving. From there, you can grasp market trends and make the most profitable decisions.

Next, this is a useful method to improve your trading knowledge and skills. Because most of the authors of ccs articles about the market are people with knowledge and experience or maybe industry experts. Through the article will have different views of the same news and will have tips for protecting your assets.


2.1 seven daily crypto news sources

There is no denying that daily news sources are an essential source of information for “crypto-ers”. However, this can take up a lot of your time. So, Primexbt will introduce you to the following 7 daily news websites worth reading.


– Main content: revolves around news and research articles related to the cryptocurrency market.

– Suitable audience: every crypto trader.

– Advantages:

Holds the No. 1 position in terms of daily user traffic.

There are not many ads. In fact, this is indeed the world’s largest quality information channel about Bitcoin and crypto.

There are tons of reports, podcasts, videos, and analytics tools. This will help you to easily grasp the market trends of the Crypto world.


– Main content: diverse ranging from blockchain technology, cryptocurrencies to emerging fintech trends.

– Suitable audience: every crypto trader.


The site ranks second in the user traffic rankings, just behind Coindesk, and it is popular among Japanese users.

Every Monday, Cointelegraph will have a general analysis of the short-term price movements of top coins such as BTC, ETH, XRP, and more. It is also a useful reference before making a trading decision.


– Main content: Previously, CCN focused mainly on Bitcoin. But now, content has become more diverse and richer from finance to politics in both the United States and around the world.

– Suitable audience: every crypto trader.

– Advantages:

Top 3 websites with the highest traffic.

All sponsored press releases have been “removed” from the main feed. This also means that you will “avoid” posts with promotional purposes and biased content.

There are articles focusing on cryptocurrency developments in Russia, Ukraine, and Eastern Europe. While other websites are mostly not mentioned.


– Main content: coverage of the entire cryptocurrency industry. It “spreads” from business news, technical price analysis articles to information about events.

– Suitable audience: every crypto trader.

– Advantages:

One of the main news sources about Bitcoin, digital currency and blockchain technology.

Own” a team of extremely reliable writers. They revealed their team of three experienced editors and twelve writers.

There is an interview section here where the “reveals” of information regarding the leading companies in the crypto industry are available, and you can “catch” the latest news about their projects here this.


– Main content: focus on cryptocurrency, blockchain and fintech.

– Suitable audience: every crypto trader.

– Advantages:

“Own” a force of experienced writers.

The articles are rated quite high in terms of content. Because, since its inception, this site has grown significantly to be able to collaborate with some well-known experts in the field of technology.


– Main content: blockchain technology updates and crypto market analysis articles.

– Suitable audience: every crypto trader.

– Advantages:

Provides a mix of data, news, analysis and a comprehensive portfolio of crypto projects.

The articles are clearly divided into categories. For example, BTC, ETH, DeFi, ….

Provides real-time prices for 2,439 cryptocurrencies across 50 sectors. This will help you to both keep track of the price of the coin you are interested in and keep up to date with news.

2.2 Four Exclusive Cryptocurrency Analysis Sources

The Block

– Main content: focus on research and analysis articles in the field of digital assets.
– Advantage:
Categories are divided by categories such as research articles, reports, podcasts, etc.
There is a separate data item. This includes both spot and futures trading volumes, on-chain metrics for both BTC and ETH, and more. And it’s all visualized in a chart.

Analytical articles tagged “Our take” with lots of useful information and in-depth knowledge.
Provide a “map” of crypto investors by category, such as Company, Traditional VC.

ABM crypto

– Main content: revolves around price analysis of cryptocurrencies on the market.
– Advantage:
In addition to the market leading coins such as BTC, ETH, XRP, AMB crypto, there are also articles analyzing the prices of other Altcoins such as Aave, Cosmos, Zcash, FTX token, ….
Price analysis articles are released daily. This will be a “sincere” reference for day traders.
There are separate sections for latest (latest) and popular (popular) news.

Modern Consensus

– Main content: rich covering everything related to cryptocurrency and blockchain (including people, culture and technology).
– Advantage:
The list is clearly categorized. Examples of cryptocurrencies include BTC, ETH, XRP, LTC, and Altcoins.
There are detailed and useful research articles on “hot” events in the cryptocurrency market. Such as “ETH is about to hit a new all-time high”
Cons: no fixed posting time. There are days, even weeks, where Modern Consensus has no new posts.


– Main content: mainly revolves around the topic of blockchain. It ranges from crypto assets to distributed ledger technology.
– Advantage:
Own a strong writer force including blockchain experts and leading journalists in the industry.
The quality of the article content is highly appreciated.
There are reviews and ideas analysis articles as well as an interview section.
– Cons: the content of the articles here is more of an update than analysis (personal opinion).

2.3 Three popular news blog sources

Proof of Work

– Main content: this is where experts, leaders and senior technicians in the crypto world share about their projects and thoughts. This also means that you will get the latest information about the project from them. And then based on that, you will be able to analyze and have your own ideas.
– Advantages:
Has an easy-to-see interface and clear layout. Content is usually divided into categories. For example, Bitcoin and Friends (Bitcoin and Friends) or Anonymous Coin (Privacy coin).
The quality of the blog posts is also rated quite well by other users.


– Main content: resource sharing about trading strategies as well as coin pricing.
– Advantages:
The blog posts above are all written by Willy Woo. He has written articles for Forbes and CoinDesk. Even in 2017, he was in the top 5 of the top analysts.
All blog posts have graphs. The graphs in the article will visualize the collected data. This will help improve pricing and easy tracking of Bitcoin network metrics.
Cons: Willy Woo is mostly active on Twitter. So, if you want to be notified of the latest blog post, follow him on Twitter.