Pundi X Review. Making Crypto Easy to Use

Pundi X provides an open platform using the XWallet, XPOS, NPXS, and Function X. These were all created to empower developers, merchants, and consumers to make digital currency transactions a standard at any physical store in the world using the Pundi X ecosystem

Crypto has a long way to go Billions worth of crypto are currently held in wallets and being traded daily.

Although crypto is beginning to be accepted by large institutions, to purchase goods and service, etc. it is still not as easy as merely swiping your debit card.

That’s where Pundi X aims to make using your crypto as frictionless as possible in everyday transactions.

What is Pundi X?

Pundi X aims to partner up and do business with as many companies as possible to make cryptocurrency a valid payment method worldwide.

Pundi X is a cryptocurrency company that will help you use your cryptocurrency to purchase goods and services as well as an easy solution to buy crypto. This online cryptocurrency exchange uses a well-designed device to provide merchants and users with a straightforward approach to facilitate transactions.

Pundi X main focus is to incentivize people to use cryptocurrencies as a means of payment. Their ultimate goal is to make the crypto market rival the current flawed forex (Foreign Exchange) model we use today.

The process is as easy as using your debit card.

Pundi X Security and Saftey Features

PundiX offers a safe and open platform so users can make these financial transactions easily, avoiding any inconvenience.

This company provides advances features and gadgets to buy and sell goods comfortably. One thing we like is that PundiX is always improving their technology to provide the best service.

They continue to show improvements consistently, which shows their commitment to seeing this project through.

The company’s goal is to achieve fast growth by partnering up with companies, businesses, and government agencies.

They understand that security is one of the people’s primary concerns. So, they have made crypto security awareness one of their main goals. All done to create trust and promote a closer relationship between users and merchants.

PundiX offers an open platform which allows developers and merchants to make their digital assets available anytime for continued frictionless development.

About PundiX

Surprisingly, the company started as a mobile wallet application. Nowadays, they have pivoted away from their early goals. PundiX provides hardware that accepts cryptocurrencies.

This technology is called XPOS.

Additionally, PundiX is in the works for a card that allows the storing of cryptocurrencies, called XPASS. This card comes with two sets: one will enable withdrawals and deposits and the other card for everyday purchases.

PundiX works by utilizing the power of blockchain technology. That makes it easy for users to purchase and sell cryptocurrencies.

Moreover, this technology provides a problem-solving solution that will benefit cryptocurrency investors, developers, exchanges, and blockchain companies.

As previously stated, the PundiX network features a lot of XPOS smart devices. The users will need an XPASS card to purchase the XPOS, and retail outlets can make financial transactions with users wanting to pay with crypto.

PundiX has made it easier for people to use their credit cards, bank cards, or digital wallets to load their XPASS cards.

It is highly recommended that you use a cold storage hardware wallet to store your crypto. We battle-tested and recommend the Trezor Hardware Wallet. It is simple to use, secure, trusted and has great support.

The technology created by PundiX also plays a role as a distribution center for cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. PundiX offers an extensive sales network that reaches millions of people to trade cryptocurrencies on supporting services.

Apart from this critical feature, PundiX also provides an advertising and management platform to inform consumers about new cryptocurrencies and offers support services available on their platform.

The tech hopeful even has their version of Android v7. The addition of an Android platform allows developers to create apps for XPOS devices to meet the retailer’s needs and requirements.

PundiX also has a token, called PXS, which helps manage transactions on the XPOS network.

This company’s primary focus is allowing a secure and accessible for everyone to make financial transactions with cryptocurrencies. However, PundiX does not have a blockchain solution to manage the token’s demand and supply at this time.

Pundi X Team

Team PundiX operates physical offices in Singapore, London, Seoul, London, São Paulo, Tokyo, and many other locations around the globe. Soon they will be managing offices in Europe and North America. The team counts with over 150 full-time partners, which half of them are exclusively focused on research and development.

The management team is conformed by:

  • Zac Cheah. CEO and co-founder of PundiX. Specialized in tech browser and mobile gaming market.
  • Pitt Huang. CTO, and co-founder of PundiX. Gadget lover first sold his company at the age of 25.
  • Constantin Papadimitriou. President of the company. Constantin has experience as CEO of two Indonesian fintech companies.
  • Danny Lim. CFO and also co-founder of PundiX. Danny Lim is an APAC financial expert and has worked alongside with Lenovo and Baidu.
  • David Ben Kay is the chief legal counsel. He has over thirty years of experience in the legal and technology area.
  • Finally, Vic Tham is the chief investment officer. He previously worked with Bank of America as COO Global Transactions Services.

The PundiX team is well prepared and skillful to make their cryptocurrency dream successful. For the next years, they have planned to introduce their technology and devices in many different countries such as Dubai, Venezuela, and Nigeria.

That said, the PundiX technology can already be seen around businesses in Indonesia. However, the government banned cryptocurrency management. But, that has not stopped PundiX.

The team promises faster and more significant growth in the upcoming years.


  • XPOS and the XPASS. Both are created to allow users to purchase cryptocurrencies using fiat, Pundi XPass, mobile wallet, or bank cards.
  • It is open sources, which means anyone can look into the XPOS and the work that PundiX is doing.
  • Developers can create solutions to client’s requirements since the XPOS technology uses an Android operating system.
  • Great token use-case.
  • It allows selling and purchasing other altcoins such as BTC, ETH, XEM, and many more.


  • Speed of deployment is a factor for PundiX leads to security concerns.
  • There are issues reported with the token’s metrics on the NPXS.
  • Overall confusion about token’s functionality.
  • A significant amount of competition.
  • Low market performance.

Final Thoughts On Pundi X

PundiX is positioning itself to be the crypto hub of the future. The way they do this is by trying to connect the crypto world with the traditional financial world.

Whether or not they achieve that goal remains to be seen. But, as of this article, PundiX will revolutionize the world faster than previously expected.

Pundi X released a first of its kind entirely blockchain functioning phone called, Blok on Blok. Pundi X continues to innovate and appears as it will be a leader in the crypto and blockchain hardware sector.

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