Tips and Tricks to Earn SweatCoin

Improve your performance with the Sweatcoin App. Complete guide so you can get the most out of this mobile app that pays in cryptocurrencies

1. Always have the app running in the background

This may be obvious advice, but here’s why I’m writing this. You won’t always remember to open the app before you go shopping or for a walk. You can even walk 3 miles and realize, “Oh shit, I forgot to open my app” and that’s about 3SWC you missed out on. I always keep the app open in the background, and it hasn’t drained my battery any more than usual.

2. Walk a little further when possible

Everyone is in a hurry these days; everyone wants the front parking spaces. I’ve been parking at the opposite end of the parking lots just to get a few more steps. I have also noticed the added benefit of…not worrying about getting a parking space!

This could also mean walking farther on your lunch break (more on that below) at work, or walking up and down each aisle at the grocery store to make sure you don’t miss a thing.

The most important tip here is to be aware of your walking, and find opportunities to walk more. This is not just a tip to earn Sweatcoin, but it is a tip to stay fit, happy and healthy.

3. Take walking breaks

It is already highly recommended that desk workers get up, stretch and walk throughout the day. Sweatcoin may be the one deciding factor that motivates you to finally commit to that tip.

As a guy who works on a computer all day, I realize the importance of walking breaks. With all the buzz of media, information, and work stress, it’s very healthy for your mind and body to clear it out during a walk. By noon, if I haven’t had a walking break, I feel irritable, stressed, easily distracted and disoriented. Walking is like a ‘reset button’ for my brain. I pick up the pace of my walk, increasing my cadence (steps per minute) to get the extra distance. In a relaxing 15 minute walk I can easily catch the 1SWC.

4. Get in the habit of running

My life changed drastically as soon as I started running every day. I’ve been running off and on all my life, but in December 2016 I decided to start running absolutely every day. My aerobic capacity has increased, my 5K completion time has decreased, the number of miles I can easily run has increased, and my overall health and well-being has increased.

I am what I would call a “competitive runner.” I don’t compete against others, I compete against myself. Sweatcoin is a good metric to track my running progress over time.

However, I don’t always run outdoors. It’s a very busy place where I live, and the traffic sometimes makes it unsafe to run, so I’m stuck on a treadmill. At the time of this writing, Sweatcoin does not have support for treadmills, unfortunately. That means I have to make up my daily quota of walking breaks!

5. Join or start a Sweatcoin community

As of this writing, there are not many Sweatcoin communities. I’m going to take a guess and say they’ll start showing up in the next few months. Community is the biggest motivating factor in any sport or hobby. Start talking to other Sweatcoiners. Share stories, post your greatest achievements, join the challenges!

Start or join a Sweatcoiners group near you on Facebook. Find other people with similar goals. I can’t stress enough how beneficial this is for motivation. Also, other users can be generous and gift you some SWC to get you started if you’re new! A very generous friend gave me 20 for signing up, and it was more than enough to motivate me to earn more. One day and 11 miles later, he was 30!

I started a Reddit Sweatcoin community. As of this writing, it doesn’t have many visitors, but I expect that to change in the coming months. If you’re a Redditor, check it out and post a conversation or questions!

Do you have a tip to earn Sweatcoin?