Chrysalis coin (CWH). What is Chrysalis

A Coin with Heart. Chrysalis Is The Development Transformation Of A Caterpillar Into A Butterfly. It Is Our Goal To Help Bring Special Needs Children Out Of Their “Cocoon” Through The Power Of Sports

About Chrysalis

Chrysalis Coin (CWH) has been developed on a Ethereum based platform using ERC20 with a smart contract, providing the most efficient, fully secure and reliable system in the crypto industry.

Chrysalis Coin, a Coin With Heart is an innovative cryptocurrency created for the purpose of globally supporting special needs children and financially rewarding investors.

The goal of Chrysalis is to improve the quality of life for children with physical & cognitive disabilities. Chrysalis would like to change the attitude regarding the potential of disabled children -> by redefining WHAT IS POSSIBLE through many different kinds of adaptive sports.

Giving special needs children the opportunity to participate promotes their development in all areas of life: physically, mentally and socially. Not only are they building their confidence, self esteem, with a prideful sense of accomplishment, these kids are just having fun.

A complete analysis will be done on each program to ensure legitimacy and that the funds will be properly allocated. There will be total transparency, all donation details will be fully documented and posted on the Chrysalis website.

The Business Plan Is Simple, But It Is Fail Safe:

Each month 30% of gross profits are allocated into an investment portfolio and to purchasing additional mining equipment. By continually increasing assets; produces a larger monthly revenue; resulting in larger amounts to reinvest and an ever increasing amount to donate to special needs.

For the crypto entrepreneur, increasing profits ensures fund availability to support the buy back, burn strategy. This process starts when the token has been listed on the exchange. Chrysalis will begin to buy and burn tokens from the market at the price that has been set by the token holder; who has significant power over deciding the value.

Chrysalis is much more than building your financial future. Chrysalis Coin is backed by real assets with an experienced team who are dedicated to helping change the lives of so many special needs children. Chrysalis is about creating smiles and a smile is priceless.

Why Did We Create Chrysalis:

Out Of Need. As volunteers for a ski association teaching special needs children and young adults to ski and snow board, we have seen what the lack of funding can do.

It is easy to say, it’s not my child, not my community, not my world, not my problem. “ But rather than just sit and complain, we decided that it is time to take action, we decided to do something about the general lack of funding; Chrysalis Coin was born.

Having special needs children discover their ability through participating in sports is worth its weight in gold. There is no greater reward than a smile of accomplishment and the laughter from having fun.

To help a child emerge out of their cocoon is life changing.

Chrysalis ICO Explained:

The chart below explains how; once kick-started by the ICO, Chrysalis generates revenue, distributes them, increasing company assets by reinvesting.

During the ICO period, all funds raised from the token sale are allocated to the purchase of mining equipment and trading funds. (Minus maintenance fees; the cost of doing business)

When the ICO period is finished, Chrysalis will be listed on a public decentralized exchange. Once there anybody can buy and sell CWH tokens.


How to purchase CWH

Before CWH hits the exchange

  1. Create a Chrysalis Coin account.
  2. Decide on investment amount.
  3. Choose Crypto currency for payment: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin cash
  4. The Cryptocurrency Converter Calculator will help you to determine the crypto value that is equal to the fiat currency amount that you wish to invest.

What is a cryptocurrency?

A cryptocurrency is a digital currency based on cryptographic methods. It functions using the blockchain technology. Cryptocurrencies have no physical analogs and exist only in virtual space.

What is a token?

A token is a digital asset issued by a company to raise funds for launching and developing a project. Tokens may be accessed via specialized apps that require electronic signature. Company tokens represent a company’s obligation to provide services, pay dividends, and/or grant other bonuses to a customer in exchange for invested funds

What is a smart contract?

A smart contract is a computer algorithm for execution and maintenance of commercial contracts based on the blockchain technology. Parties to smart contracts can exchange assets directly without intermediaries. The purpose of smart contracts is to provide higher levels of safety than traditional contractual laws and to reduce other transaction costs associated with entering into contracts.

Where is the Chrysalis mining farm located?

The Chrysalis mining farm is located in Croatia. We will also have an online 24/7 broadcast from inside the mining farm soon after the project is up and running.

Is my personal information protected with your website?

Any personal information that you provide to any of our businesses are protected. Your information will never be shared or sold to anyone. Read our Privacy Policy & Terms of Use for details.