Can You Make Money with the SweatCoin App?

If you’re looking to make some change using a phone app, then you NEED to learn about Sweatcoin. It is an app that rewards you in digital coins for the steps you take while walking and running outdoors

How do you earn money with this app?

No money is made directly. When you walk 1000 steps, you gain 1 SWC. You can earn between 5 and 20 maximum coins per day depending on your “membership level”. These coins are used to buy offers in the market.

Many people ask me: “How do I convert my coins to PayPal or to money?” Right now (in 2018) you can’t do that directly. However, you could sell your coins to other users for a few cents each. I recommend that you save as many coins as you can.

You will be able to exchange Sweatcoins for money in the app!

In early 2018, SweatCo (the creators) announced that you will soon be able to exchange your coins for money or cryptocurrencies on an exchange. This is because Sweatcoin is building a ‘blockchain’ to keep track of who sends coins to whom. This means that the app would work like a very small version of Bitcoin if you are familiar with it.

Will Sweatcoins be worth a lot of money?

The value of Sweatcoin is going to be limited – so no, don’t expect a $1 coin in the near future. This is because everyone can equally earn Sweatcoins with their steps. That means there are a ton of coins being created each day, and there will never be a limit to the number of coins that can be created (except of course due to the daily max of 5-20).

The Sweatcoin website shows (at the time of writing) 1.4 billion steps! If that’s true, then there are close to a billion Sweatcoins floating around out there.

So don’t expect to get rich on Sweatcoin, unless of course you buy Sweatcoins and their value goes up a lot.

How can I convert my coins into money?

When the Exchange is released, you will likely have the opportunity to sell coins to other users. When this happens, cryptocurrency investors will start flocking to the app to see if they can invest and earn money with Sweatcoins (even if they don’t walk or run to earn them), increasing demand for the coins.

If you have a lot of coins when the exchange is released, then you could see a great opportunity to sell coins to make a good amount of money. I have heard that some people have saved more than 10,000 gold coins waiting for this day.

SweatCo wants to make it very easy for you to convert your coins into money, and more information will be available as time goes on.

If you want to know more about sweatcoins read our FAQ and find out everything.